Benefits + Features

Listed here are some of the main features and benefit of the VAT-Books bookkeeping system, but there are many more. We always recommend you download the free demo and try it for yourself!


  • Saves you time
    VAT-Books has been designed to let you enter your important information easily and quickly, so you can spend your time working on your business, not your accounts.
  • Saves you money
    Do you think you spend too much time working on your accounts? VAT-Books will let you enter your information many times faster than an accounts package. By cutting the time you (or an employee) spends on bookkeeping, you will make real savings.
  • Easy to understand
    VAT-Books is not filled with accounting jargon. It’s easy to understand and it’s help file is always ready – just press F1 to get detailed help on any of the screens.
  • Easy to use
    VAT-Books contains many features to many your life easier. For example it has a built-in calculator to help you with percentages, so you can enter the Gross or Nett amount and it will work out the missing number.
  • Data for your accountant
    When you need to share your data with your accountant, VAT-Books makes that easy too. You can easily export your data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (or other formats) and email it to your accountant.


  • Work in periods
    With the Period Wizard you can select which period to work with. A period is a range of dates, which can be a VAT period, a financial year or any period you need.
  • Sales and purchase types
    You can give each sale and purchase a “type”. You can then use grouping to everything with the same type, or find total values for that type. For example if you give your phone purchase a type, you can easily see how much you have spent on phones over a period.
  • Non-VAT items
    Not all transaction should be reported on your VAT return. For example wages, drawings and payments to your VAT office are non-VAT items. You can mark any item in VAT-Books as a non-VAT item, and it will not appear on your VAT return.
  • Zero rated intra-EC supplies (for advanced VAT bookkeepers)
    It is possible to make zero rated sales between EC countries. This means the supplier does not charge VAT.  Instead, the customer pays the VAT directly to their VAT office. These transactions are recorded differently on your VAT return, and require that you also send an EC Sales List to your VAT office.  VAT-Books fully supports these intra-EC transactions. It is easy to mark a transaction as zero rated, and VAT-Books will automatically add it to your EC Sales List.

Help every step of the way

  • VAT calculator
    When entering data, the VAT calculator helps fill in missing figures. For example if you have the Gross value, the calculator will find the Nett and VAT values for you.The calculator can work out many things for you just by clicking one button!
  • Auto fill
    When you enter a transaction for a customer or supplier already on the system, you can click one button to automatically fill in their previous details.
  • Help file
    The VAT-Books help file contains full explanations of each part of the software, and much more besides. Press F1 anywhere in the program to get help.

Getting Results

  • Record your transactions
    Every business needs to record it’s sales, purchases and other transactions. VAT-Books provides a simple way to keep these records.
  • VAT returns and reports
    VAT-Books has a Print Wizard which can quickly produce reports to print or preview, including your VAT return and more.
  • Grouping
    You can group your data using drag and drop. For example, you can group your sales by customer. This will show you all sales for that customer and the total value of those sales. VAT-Books allows you to group your data in many ways. You can even group using multiple columns, for example to find all sales of a certain type to a customer!
  • Exporting your data
    You can export data to an MS Excel file or a CSV file. You can export all of your data or just the data for a specific period.


  • The main window
    The main window lists your sales and purchases. You can choose which columns are shown, and what order the columns are in. You can also sort the list by any column.
  • Entering data
    When entering data, you can choose which data is visible. For example if you never enter VAT numbers, you can remove the VAT number area for the window. This makes the window easier to work with by just showing the data you actually use.  You can also change the order of the data on screen, so if you enter VAT numbers rarely, you can more the VAT number area to the bottom of the window.